Thanksgiving Pre-order

Everything but the turkey!

Our Thanksgiving family packs are sold out, thank you for your support!

Thanksgiving menu

Sold Out

Regular family pack serves 6–8

Large family pack serves 12–14

Roasted Autumn vegetables

Sweet potato, Brussel sprouts, carrot and cauliflower slow roasted with herbs and garlic.

pancetta mac & cheese

Parmesan panko crust.

Squash parkerhouse rolls

Roasted pumpkin

herb stuffing

Sage, organic chicken broth.


Choose from key lime, apple, pumpkin, or KBC mud

Don’t forget dessert

A la carte desserts available.

Key Lime Pie
Apple Pie
Pumpkin pie
kbc mud pie
Black forest cake
lemon poppy cake
gluten free pumpkin cake
Kbc cookies