Savory Baked Goods A Delicious Break from the Sweet

Savory Baked Goods: A Delicious Break from the Sweet

When most people think about baking, they picture sweet cookies and sugary pastries. But there’s another side to the world of baking that often gets overlooked– one filled with herbs, cheese, meats, and grains. This is the universe of savory baked goods, where each recipe unfolds a new, flavorful story that satisfies in a completely different way.

Kirshenbaum Baking Co. knows this story well. We’re not just about sprinkles and frosting; we love the challenge of exploring different flavors, turning simple, everyday ingredients into something extraordinary. So, let’s set aside the sugar bowl for a moment and dive into the rich, rewarding world of savory baked goods. Here, there’s always something new, something exciting, and something satisfying waiting just around the corner.

The Art of Savory Baking

While both sweet and savory baking share many common elements– like the necessity for precise measurements, understanding the role of ingredients, and the importance of baking times– they also have some distinct differences.

The primary difference between sweet and savory baking lies in the ingredient list. Sweet recipes typically call for sugar, vanilla, chocolate, fruits, and other ingredients known for their dessert-like qualities. On the other hand, savory baking leans towards ingredients like herbs, cheeses, meats, vegetables, and various spices. Savory bakers trade the sugary for the salty, tangy, or spicy ingredients, creating goods that can often serve as the main course or a hearty snack.

But the magic of savory baking goes beyond just switching sugar for salt. It’s a space where bakers can play and experiment with all sorts of ingredients and combinations. A bit of thyme here, some sharp cheddar there, or adding sliced ham can change a simple dough into a mouth-watering savory goodie. This freedom to explore and mix flavors brings a fun and challenging side to savory baking.

The final touch in the art of savory baking is finding the right balance. It’s about blending flavors and textures to make something that feels just right when you bite into it. For example, this could mean balancing the creamy taste of cheese with the freshness of herbs or pairing a soft dough with the crunchy texture of seeds. It requires a solid understanding of how ingredients work together, not just for flavor but also how they feel and look.

In short, savory baking is a unique and exciting world of its own. It’s about trying new things, playing with flavors, and making delicious and filling treats that taste good and also look amazing. And at Kirshenbaum Baking Co., we love taking this exciting journey every single day.

Savory vs Sweet: An In-Depth Comparison

Baking has been a fundamental part of human culture for thousands of years. Whether it’s sweet or savory, these tasty treats hold a special place in our hearts (and stomachs!) Let’s dive into how these two delicious worlds compare.

Meal Time Roles

Sweet and savory baked goods have different roles in our daily meals. Sweet baked items, like muffins, scones, or sweet breads, often grace our breakfast tables or serve as desserts. They’re also a popular choice for an afternoon pick-me-up snack.

Savory baked goods, however, are incredibly versatile. A quiche or savory scone can be a delicious breakfast or brunch item, while a hearty meat pie or cheesy calzone could serve as the main course for lunch or dinner. And let’s not forget about those savory snacks that are perfect any time of the day.

A Shift in Trends

Over the past few years, there’s been a noticeable shift toward savory options in the baking world. While sweet treats will always be loved, people are becoming more adventurous with their palates, and savory baked goods offer a new frontier to explore. This shift might be due to a growing interest in international cuisines, or perhaps it’s simply because savory options can offer more balanced nutrition. Either way, this trend shows that the world of savory baking is expanding and becoming more recognized, and we at Kirshenbaum Baking Co. couldn’t be more excited to be part of this savory revolution!

KBC’s Best Savory Baked Goods

At Kirshenbaum Baking Co., we’re proud to offer a wide range of savory baked goods that satisfy and surprise with every bite. From our hand pies and sandwiches to a rich selection of savory breads, here’s a look at some of our beloved best-sellers.

Hand Pies & Sandwiches

  • Taylor Ham & Cheese Hand Pie: This customer favorite wraps rich Taylor ham and creamy cheese in our flaky hand pie crust. Each bite delivers a perfect balance of saltiness from the ham and the smooth, melt-in-your-mouth cheese.
  • Vegetable Curry Hand Pie: Packed with a medley of vegetables in a subtly spiced curry sauce, this hand pie is a flavor-packed, vegetarian option. The curry adds a delightful warmth, making this hand pie a comforting treat any time of the day.
  • Turkey Club Panini: Smoked turkey breast, bacon, tomato, arugula and cheddar cheese, layered between our signature KBC sourdough and warmed to melty perfection.
  • Mozzarella Ratatouille Panini: Mozzarella, tomato, roasted red pepper, zucchini and pesto, layered between our signature KBC sourdough and warmed to melty perfection.
  • Turkey & Cheese Croissant: Our light and buttery croissants are filled with slices of smoked turkey and a layer of cheese. It’s a classic combination that’s made even better by our freshly baked, golden croissants.
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich: The humble tuna salad sandwich gets a gourmet makeover. We heap a generous serving of our homemade tuna salad between slices of our own freshly baked croissant.
  • Egg Salad on Challah: Creamy egg salad meets our rich, slightly sweet challah in this sandwich. It’s a match made in sandwich heaven, perfect for a satisfying lunch or an anytime snack.

Artisan Breads

  • Olive Monkey Bread: Our Olive Monkey Bread is a fun and flavorful twist on the classic. Baked with olives throughout, it’s a salty, savory treat that’s delicious on its own or as a side.
  • Baguette, Challah, Ciabatta, Sourdough Loaf: Our assortment of classic bread loaves are the perfect companions for any meal. From our crusty baguette and soft, rich challah to the airy ciabatta and tangy sourdough, these breads are a testament to our love for traditional baking.

Each one of these savory treats is made with love, passion, and respect for the age-old art of baking. At Kirshenbaum Baking Co., we’re excited to continue sharing these delicious creations with you!

Taste the Difference with KBC

At Kirshenbaum Baking Co., our love for baking goes beyond just mixing ingredients and popping them into the oven. Every loaf, roll, sandwich, or pie we create tells a story—a story of our passion for the craft, our respect for traditional methods, and our joy in adding a sprinkle of innovation. Our savory delights, crafted with expert care and premium ingredients, are a testament to this.

Whether it’s our unique Olive Monkey Bread or a creamy Egg Salad on Challah, our savory baked goods break away from the usual and offer an exciting experience for your palate. The layered flavors, the variety of textures, and the sheer delight in discovering something unexpected; that’s the experience we strive to create with our savory line.

We invite you to experience this savory journey with us. Visit Kirshenbaum Baking Co., take in the wonderful aroma of freshly baked goods, and treat yourself to our best-selling savory items. Or, if you prefer, cater your next party with a custom savory & sweet menu or place an order for pickup and bring home a selection of our savory delights. Either way, we’re confident you’ll taste the difference that dedication, creativity, and a whole lot of love can make

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